In Israel: Where Change is Inspired by Challenge and Choice, for Teens Everywhere!


  • A totally different experience in Israel – Your teen deserves a fresh start!
  • Help her / him find their path and learn to be happy again
  • Your teen will enjoy learning and being with us, while working towards their goals
  • You will be surprised to see how connection and motivation become a reality!
  • For teens who wish to “restart” and get back on track: manage life’s challenges, stay safe and positive, communicate and collaborate better with family, friends, and adults… and most importantly, feel better, happy, and hopeful again. 

Free Spirit program in Israel, for empowering youth from around the world toward good mental health, self-actualization, and leadership!

“Free Spirit” is an experiential, educational- therapeutic program in Israel, geared toward boys and girls (ages 14-18) from around the world who are experiencing various difficulties. Within the 8 to 10 weeks of our program, we focus on Outdoor and Wilderness Therapy with group as well as individual components. We also serve young adults, ages 18-24 .You can read more about our YA program here .

Free Spirit is focused on “Challenge by Choice” experiences, developing personal self-regulation and self-reliance. In return, we experience positive collaboration on our participants’ part, as they feel highly involved in their process. Learning to make good healthy choices on your own, rather than relying on external motivations and structure better assures us that lessons learned can translate to other, less structured environments. Participants return home with the necessary tools and understandings to overcome their difficulties and succeed in life.

The therapeutic approach is based on individual treatment, new challenges and group dynamics. The educational factor consists of studying Hebrew and other academic subjects, including, when appropriate, high school credit courses. In addition, the participants will engage with Israeli culture and society, including the unique kibbutz community life with all of its benefits.

The students are accompanied by a team of experienced counselors, mentors, guides and other professionals. Our staff to participants ratio is nearly 1-on-1.



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Free spirit consults with Alexander Muss High School In Israel to provide eligible students with the option of earning high school credits.



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