A major part of the Free Spirit Experience for Young Adults is experiential learning, including a wide range of short courses, outdoor adventures, and internship periods. We believe that learning new skills and dive into unknown water, effect a tremendous growth and improve one’s self esteem and confidence.

How about going through all these adventures in a foreign country?!? Imagine yourself engaged in Kibbutz life and activities in Israel, while working with fellow Israelis. Learn how to make Pizza from a real traditional Pizza maker in Naples area in Italy. Explore the historical allies of the old town in Jerusalem, and wander around the famous Piazza’s of Rome. Be an international traveler, a citizen of the world, and go through all these life changing trips with supported staff and a group of friends.

In our Young Adult program we offer a large scope of opportunities to seek your own interest in various fields, in the scenery of two of the most amazing countries in the world. The traditional and modern life style in Israel and Italy can offer you so much to learn about yourself, while gaining crucial skills such as executive functions, social intelligence, and most importantly how to navigate yourself through a dynamic world.