What our teens and their families say about our program?

Mother of a participant, 16, from the West Coast:

 “We needed the reassuring competency, quiet strength and moral compass of the wonderful staff at Free Spirit. We are very, very lucky to have found them. It has been a complete game changer for us”

“When our son arrived at Kibbutz Hazorea, he was welcomed and cherished for himself… His anger and oppositional behavior dissipated immediately”

“Our son has become a willing participant in his own growth and development”

“He has learned to be patient, to listen to others, to work hard and to appreciate the results. He has learned to manage the anxiety he has suffered from for years in a very short amount of time. He is growing up so well”

“Our family therapy has taken an amazingly sharp positive turn under their competent, calm, gentle guidance” “He has never had more courage or felt more connected to his community. He is thriving, finally. Truly, we owe Free Spirit his life”

M, 16, a girl from the East Coast

“This was a really worthwhile experience. It really changed my perspective on life. I’ve learned that I’m capable and able to be independent in a new place. I now have a lot of tools to help me. I also realized here that I prefer having responsibility and it’s helped. I’m coming out of this strong”

“Learning about relationships was huge, and I learned something different from each counselor. Everyone worked really hard to help us grow. Everyone put in a lot of effort and really impacted my experience here, especially Tamir”

“My parents came to visit and it was amazing for them to come and see how much I’ve changed. It was really helpful for all of us”

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J, 17, a boy from Europe

 Every day we do something different, which is great. 2 weeks has gone quickly, which means we’re having fun. One of my favorite activities so far was the camping trip because we joined with other kids on the kibbutz and were able to merge with them and become part of their group”

“People here are a lot easier to talk to. In the UK you make friends only through friends of friends or from school. Here you can go to a park, join a game of football and become immediaet friends. It’s a nice concept. It’s not like that where I’ve been”

“It’s a lot more personal than other programs that I’ve been on. The staff to participant ratio is 3-2. Even with that,  we have a lot of independence, and I really like that“

P, 18, from India

“I live in India at Kranti and I really wanted to be more independent and work but I was getting depressed. Robin, Kranti co-founder, encouraged me to come to Free Spirit and said they will help me develop my mind and help me adjust when I get back to India”

I used to tell myself that I’m not proud of myself and that I haven’t done a lot for other people. When I talk to Adina (one of the madrichot), I’m very proud of myself that I can share with people. I now can recognize when I feel like I need to shut-down, and I know it’s not healthy. Everyone here has been amazing. I have a different relationship with all the staff and I love each relationship”

Mother of a participant, 16, from the US

“Dear Free Spirit, thank you so much for everything you have done for us! We love you all!”

“I never could have done it without all of your help, and I looked far and wide for some for many years. I tried really hard to get help for a really long time! I say it with sincerity by issue I would know. Trust me, you are for real!”