The Israeli component serves as a powerful connection to the land and in many cases to one’s cultural identity. It is a unique opportunity to “jump start” and restart at a challenging point in life, in a new and exciting environment with an inherent sense of connection and belonging. The program is located in Kibbutz Hazorea in Israel and accepts up to 18 participants per session, focusing on a tight group and family-feel.

Kibbutz Hazorea

Kibbutz Hazorea is a unique and exciting place. It is located in a north-central region of Israel, the Gallilea, at the south-west base of the Carmel mountain range. Surrounded by vibrant evergreen pines and an agricultural environment, it is the perfect backdrop to our daily life.

You have probably heard about the unique and exciting Israeli Kibbutz. It is essentially a close community of families in different stages of life, with communal land for agriculture and social facilities, communal dining hall, laundry services, and more. Kibbutz Hazorea invited us to settle in and build our program community as a compound within their larger community. We couldn’t be happier! It is a beautiful backdrop and the perfect environment for our daily life, offering our students the safety of a closed community with the added value of many opportunities to take part in the communal life of the Kibbutz.

The Kibbutz environment adds valuable components of community life and volunteer work within the agricultural community, as well as the added safety and security of living in a larger closed and controlled community.

Zeevik Bielski, the mayor of Raanana and former Chairman of the Jewish Agency, is welcoming you to learn more about Free Spirit