Much had been said about attention deficit and hyperactivity. Ideally, this challenge can be limited to just that – difficulty focusing, needing to be active, and being impulsive. Unfortunately, the interaction with the world, for persons who are experiencing these challenges, can be daunting, confusing, and frustrating, leading to a low sense of competency, low self-esteem, conflicts, depression, and even isolation. Our first goal is to provide an environment where youth with ADD/Hyperactivity can thrive and feel competent and appreciated, where their talents and skills can come into play, which invariably leads to a better sense of self-within-the-wold. With appropriate compensating skills it is easier to succeed and cope with the world more positively. Here are a few of our features that can speak directly to youth who struggle with ADD/Hyperactivity:

1. The experiential process is easier to follow, learn from, and internalize – skills, time management, organization, etc.

2. The ample positive regard by staff, followed by similarly supportive peer groups, can move mountains in terms of self-worth and self-esteem. Even more so with outdoor skills

3.  Being active outside makes us all a lot happier!

4. Learning from each other in our community allows our youth to find the right skills and insights that fit them personally, as shared by the group