Our Gap Year starts in early september, and lasts throught the end of May. There is about 2-3 weeks holidays between the semesters (dependading on the internship for the 2nd semester). During this time, we suggest to do the family visit, and to have a chanve to spend time together – either in Israel or in Italy.


The tuition fee for the Gap Year is $64,000.

The fee includes all the components and activities in the program, including courses, internships in the 2nd semester etc.

Flight between Israel and Italy.

Family visit – a structrued family session guided by our team.

Additional costs:

Flight tickets – round trip to Israel.

Spending money.

Partial scholarships: Being a non-profit organization, we are dependent on donations for scholarship money. However, some funds may be available to qualifying families on a case by case basis, thanks to generous contributions from our supporters (Join our generous supporters here).

We do receive application also on a rolling admission basis,  so you are welcome to inquire about our Gap Year program at any time. For more information or questions please fill out the contact information form on this page, email us at or give us a call at your earliest convenience: US – (312)588-7667, Outside the US +972-54-5953234