An amazing summer ahead!

An update from California, by Tamir Rotman

Finishing my visit across the US, I’ve had the pleasure and honor to meet some of our soon-to-be participants and their families. Truthfully, I am so thrilled, I had to put it down as an update!

Having visited New York and New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, and now California, I have the exciting privilege of a glimpse into our forming (and almost full!) group for the summer. I can hardly wait!

At times, it reminds me of Fields of Dreams… “Build it and they will come”. One by one, with a bag-full of hopes and aspirations, they all seem to look forward to a summer of growth, fun, and exploration. It is not a simple matter, to allow yourself these hopes. We are truly humbled and are grateful, and take it upon ourselves to provide a “good enough” field for them to sow, water, weed out, grow, and reap the fruits of their labor.

On a side note, I made it a point to visit some of our alumni, and was so excited to see them and their amazing new fields of new and greater hopes and achievements. It makes it all so worthwhile!

Thank you to all the education consultants, therapists, parents, and of course youth and young adults, who put their trust in Free Spirit.

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