We know how frustrating and helpless the situation may feel at times. We also realize how difficult it is to pick the right program for your child. It may be the most important decision you have made for him or her: a decision with the awesome potential of being life changing in the best way possible. We would love to help you think it through and figure whether Free Spirit in Israel is the life changing experience you are looking for. After all, it is our ultimate goal!

We define ourselves as a “challenge by choice” program, which means less friction and anger throughout the process. Free Spirit is an opportunity for an amazing experience in Israel, with the much needed added value of true change – from within. We will not change who your child is. Instead, our expertise is helping your son or daughter feel connected and make better, happier, and truly motivated choices.

The key to our program’s success is your child’s return home or move forward to his or her next step. We are committed to making the transition as positive a process as possible, keeping them moving forward instead of the typical back sliding we often see.

  1. Home prep for the return – personal and group phone and video conferences with our professional staff. Working with each individual is based on your family’s needs and wishes and may include email, texting, phone, and Skype sessions. Also, please ask about our family week for visiting and venturing wild bound with your teen on a short but life changing experience together.
  2. The nature of our program – our program focuses on internal rather than external regulation. The transition home or to other, less structured environments is not a harsh, “a hundred to zero,” shock. Our program is, by nature, based on the “Challenge by Choice” philosophy, building resilience, self-reliance and self-regulation. We offer a unique and exciting experience with the added benefits of a therapeutic program.
  3. The return home process – prior to program completion, a plan is set forth, together with parents and a local professional when appropriate. The plan is based on a three-stage process including reintegration, settling in, and ongoing life. As per individual plans, ongoing phone and skype sessions, monitoring progress and well-being are set forth.

To Help you help your son or daughter, we believe it is best for us to get to know each other. That way we can tailor a plan that best fits you and your child – your parenting style and beliefs. Our goal is to plan realistically and appropriately for each family. We will spend time talking and figuring it out together so you can be supportive of your child’s process while facilitating it further.

Click here to learn more about our “Family Week” and visiting options for a great opportunity to combine an amazing visit to Israel with a life changing experience with your child!