Friends of Free Spirit

The Free Spirit Scholarship and Development Fund

As a retired teacher and camp director I am extremely proud to be associated with Free Spirit in their quest to help those find their path to a fulling life.

Dennis Rosen

Chairman of the board



Changing lives. Bringing families together. Giving hope. For so many of you these were only dreams and not realities. For so many of you, Free Spirit has helped in realizing a dream of a promising future together as well as experiencing the magic of Israel.

While we realize that our cost is lower than many other programs in the US, it is still a high cost for sending your child to Free Spirit. Unfortunately, we have had to turn away teens and families who were unable to afford our program. We hope to eliminate this financial divide and are implementing a scholarship program for those who do not have the means available to help their own child in need. We would like to help as many adolescents and young adults that can benefit from FSE and hope they have the same positive outcome that you too have had with your son or daughter.

We have recently established Friends of Free Spirit, a US based tax exempt fund 501(C)(3) that is dedicated to raising scholarship money for those in need and advance the services Free Spirit is able to provide for its participants and families. This was made possible by a generous donation of one of our alumni families who wishes to remain anonymous.

We are incredibly thankful for your help!

The Green Grass “New Me” Scholarship: Funds partial scholarships for students and families $3,000-$10,000 (you can edit the amount you wish to offer below)
The Blue Sky New Start Program: FSE program tuition for one student, One term (10 weeks, or 8 weeks in the summer) $18,000
The Golden Sun New Days Scholarship Program: Two FSE full tuition scholarships (10 weeks each, or 8 weeks in the summer session) $36,000
The Red Fire Project Fund: Funding for unique projects and needs initiated by participants $300-$5,000 (you can edit the amount you wish to offer below)


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