We offer our Young Adults a variety of internships, both in Israel in Italy, based on their passion and interests. Our participants work in the first semester to explore their fields of interest, have some hand on experience, and make the appropriate choice for them.  Internships vary in their type: some are conducted in other structured programs and schools, and some are more individually designed and tailored to their needs. Among previous internships you can find:

  • an Israeli Defense Force 3 months training
  • History and Archaeology courses and experiential learning
  • Manual jobs such as woodwork, welding, gardening, mechanics etc.
  • Fashion, Design and Arts courses
  • English teaching in various countries
  • Hospitality training: Farm to table including restaurants and winery experiences, cooking classes and training
  • Outdoor activities’ training and certificates
  • Training and volunteering with special needs groups

We also offer a special internship with us at free Spirit! During the summer, a selective group of our fresh alumni join us to serve as mentors in our summer session for adolescents, During their mentor-ship, the alumni gain various skills in the area of education, therapy, leadership and more. Their contribution is extremely meaningful and very rewarding!