Our specialized Young Adults Gap Year program is geared to help you connect with your sense of purpose and develop the self discipline to make your purpose a reality. We focus on three major pillars:

  1. Reconnected to yourself – Your talents, your passions, your motivation, and also your inner obstacles and possible limitations.
  2. Feel connected to the community around you – Recognize your value and role in the world around you through volunteer work, visits and hikes, and your unique view and contribution.
  3. Experience and explore – Hands on experiences with people, projects, and potential career paths that may spark your interest and imagination. Actions speak louder than words.

Here are some of the experiences you can expect:

  • Community based living in the Kibbutz and in a small group – Connection, new friendships, and mutual responsibility
  • , with immersive and diverse interpersonal and intercultural experiences
  • Find your passions and dreams: Individualized strength-based programming addressing every person’s interests and needs
  • Guided group dynamics, encouraging self-exploration and reflection, social engagement, and participation – social pragmatics where everybody belongs
  • Hands on experience and practice, including various volunteering, internship, and training opportunities in Israel and Italy
  • Explore and experience Israel and Italy on your own or with others
  • Outdoor experiences and expedition –  Connect to nature, feel competent again!
  • A flexible balance between support and independence – We are here to serve your goals
  • Get to know and appreciate who you are – strengths, weaknesses, and challenges
  • Explore your life choices – What helps and what interferes with your goals
  • Be a mentor to others – Find out if the field of helping others through similar experiences interests you for your future
  • We will gladly discuss and help you with specific issues such as medications, drugs, social functioning and mental health

As written by one of our alumni:

“…The time in Italy I think summed up my entire experience in free spirit. It was an intense period, personally I struggled through with not having structure and the unknown. I also struggled with all the direction following, but throughout that period I think I found myself in a different way then before. I want to say I came back stronger in a way then I left Israel.  A much stronger version of myself. I had a few great conversations with you that really helped put things in prospective for me. One thing I constantly think about is the picture you drew that opened my eyes to how much I doubt myself and sometimes underestimate myself. When I came home I’ve been trying to work on not underestimating myself as much. I think Free Spirit opened my eyes to a much deeper me, I was very nervous to come back and show people that I changed and not feel like I was worthy enough to be “normal”.  I think Free Spirit and espacially Italy also showed me that I can be a leader when I want to be…”