Dr. Tamir Rotman – Director of Change

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (Clark University in Massachusetts), Tamir is a practicing psychologist, working both inside and outside of the therapy room with youth from various cultures, difficulties and needs. Among others, Dr. Rotman have spent 20 summers at Camp Ojibwa in the Wisconsin North Woods, 2 years as the clinical director at “Lotan’s Way”, a not-for-profit specializes in desert-wilderness therapeutic expeditions for at-risk youth, and a milieu psychologist in residential care settings for troubled youth both in the U.S. and in Israel.

Tzahi Billet – Program Director

M.A. in Public Administration and certified group counselor-facilitator, DBT specialist, and 12-step group facilitator, Tzahi is an avid educator with vast experience in the field of residential care, at-risk youth and crisis intervention. In the past 10 years and since its inception, Tzahi worked at “Nirim”, a youth village for troubled youth with a focus on outdoor therapy in many roles, including guidance, supervision, and management. Tzahi is a proud father of 4 wonderful children.

Gal Farchi – Director of Collaboration

B.A. in Economics from Haifa University, M.A. in Conflict Resolution from the University of Sydney, Australia and a certified mediator. After living for a few years in China and Australia, Gal returned to Israel and has served in several managerial positions in the private and public sectors, mainly in the field of formal and informal youth education. Gal started his career path as an educator at “Nirim” youth village 12 years ago, and is also experienced in parents’ and teachers’ training and intercultural group facilitation. Gal lives in Haifa with his wife and two children.

Counselors and proffesional staff

Uri Hetz

M.A. in natural and environmental resource management, B.SC. in biology from Haifa University, and a teaching certificate from Oranim College. Uri taught for 6 years at the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa in many roles, including elementary age teacher, biology teacher and homeroom teacher at the junior-high level, and high school finals prep teacher. In the reserve-forces Uri advanced to the level of a compppany commander. In 2012 Uri lived in Berlin, Germany. On his return to Israel, Uri with his wife moved to Kibbutz Hazorea where he integrated into the educational system while leading Israeli and international youth projects, some in collaboration with the Reali school and the Kibbutz. Uri’s main role at Free Spirit is our integration into Kibbutz life and culture.

Nili Shai-Mor

M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University (Boulder, CO). Nili brings an extensive educational and milieu therapy experience working with at risk youth and adolescent psychiatric population in multi-cultural settings. Nili also draws upon her individual and group therapy work with students at the Naropa Counseling Center. Currently Nili is teaching Group Process class in Reidman College’s Transpersonal Psychotherapy program in Israel. As a practitioner of meditation and yoga, Nili brings present moment awareness into therapy in the form of experiential and body centered work. She believes in people’s inherent qualities and facilitates a safe space to explore their own inner wisdom on the journey towards health and wholeness.

Rami Bader

Rami’s passion are sailing and teaching. A successful and prolific entrepreneur and investor, Rami dedicated much of his spare time teaching sailing in Israel’s largest sailing club, Sea-Gal. At Free Spirit, Rami directs our sailing program and heads our amazing Cyprus expedition. He adds a significant value as an instructor and a mentor to our youth, able to reach and teach the secrets of sailing to our various youth and young adults. Rami also brings to the table as a mentor his incredible experience from the world of business entrepreneurship around the globe.

Yasmin Raanan

Born at Kiryat Shmona and raised in Metula, a beautiful town lays on the Lebanese border. Yasmin has a Bachelor in Education, and for the past 8 years she has worked as an educator and a consular for teens (13-18), mostly in Kibbutzim in North Israel and in the Golan Heights. Yasmin personal tool box includes also theater and drama, which she finds useful as an instrument to empower youngsters, as it allows them to express themselves an individuals and as a group in a unique way. For Yasmin, education is a life-long mission, and she enjoys impact the next generation, and equip them with useful skills and positive spirit. Yasmin lives in Kibbutz Hazorea with her husband and their dog, Chello.

Ofek Yosef

A student of life and an incredible “mensch,” Ofek is truly a self-made former at-risk youth, who is now an honor college student and a mentor-guide to our youth. Ofek is an 8 year participant to co-leader in our Cyprus sailing expedition and a true role model to our challenge by choice philosophy. An amazing addition to our staff, Ofek relates to our participants on a different level, and he easily builds trust, respect and friendship.

Gal Sasson

24 years old, from Kochav Yair-Tzur Yigal. Spent most of my free time during high school in the Scouts movement. Loving it so much, I chose to continue for a year of volunteering before my military service. During that year I was an instructor in “Lotan’s Way” organization which uses wilderness therapy to work with youth at risk. Served for 3 and a half years in the 8200 intelligence unit in various positions including course instructor and recruitment officer. Upon finishing my service I traveled for 6 months across the USA, 3 of them in which I fulfilled my dream and hiked almost 1,000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

Zohar Sorek

Zohar Sorek was born and raised in Zurit, in the Galilee. Volunteered in the youth village ``Nirim`` for a year before the military service. Joined to the army and served as a combat soldier for 3 years. After his service, Zohar traveled for 5 months across Asia, and trekked to the Everest base camp, Nepal, which was the most spectacular experience he had.


our project focus on working with dogs from a local shelter,introduce them to the young students and introduce their difficulties as dogs who living in shelters.

- What is dog training about?
from my perspective of dog training it's about increasing the teacheble index in dogs. Increasing the awareness of the dogs to the fact that they actualy can learn,they can improve themselves and a by product of it is of course our attention,love and lots of treats...

-How it's actually happening?
The young students come to the shelter,we pick a dog which we decide to give him a better chance to be adopted and the process begin...

- What the students and the dogs learn during the training?
First we are working on making a good bonding betwen the dogs and the people.then,we teach the dogs to give us attention and to become less independant. When we arrive to the point that we come to take the dog out and all that matter for him is our pressence less than his surrounding,now we actualy can teach him limitless behaviors...

- What are the final results?
Well,until now all the dogs that we took for our training program were adopted during our project or a little after the student just left.
I believe that we shift the dogs energy toward a totaly different acceptance and totaly diferent awareness.


׳The Studio’, at Kibbutz Hazorea is a Recording studio and a space for art and creativity.

The collaboration with ‘Free Spirit’ enable program members to enjoy our studio with a variety of musical activities, such as learning a musical instrument, learning music production, producing your own original songs and much more...

Nadav and Oshik, the owners, are musicians with years of experience and will always be there to help anyone who wants to create, learn music or just like to be part of a musical process, regardless of their musical skills. Hope to see you soon!