When magic happens

We wanted to share with you what magic looks like here at Free Spirit…

One of our favorite moments here at FSE is when a participant picks her or his project. It often coincides with a significant breakthrough in taking charge of one’s process. How does it happen? True to form, we try not to push, nor do we set a target date or time. We wait, while trying to spread various invitations like teasers, role modeling, and opportunities. We sometimes eagerly jump on some expression of interest, but other times we sit quietly and hold our tongues, not to interfere. Sometimes we even harbor doubts… will he connect? Will she have motivation? Do we need to provide more guidance or push harder?

But then, occasionally when we least expect it, it happens… A request gets thrown at us. It may be accompanied with a smile or even a frown, as if we are destined to shoot it down. We love those challenging ideas! We love thinking “no way” and instead asking “how?”

The magic truly starts when all of a sudden there aren’t enough hours in a day. The transformation happens when seemingly lazy and unhappy become energetic, motivated, and proud. When parents get these “can I stay longer?” questions. When the excitement sweeps others over to give a helping hand and work harder than before. When things simply become easier, be it school work, cleanup, relationships…  when we truly become collaborators on a grander scale… Magic!

In the last few months, some of our newer projects included great landscaping upgrades with herb gardens, pavement, and grass; outdoor gyms across the Kibbutz; a major kitchen overhaul; bike repairs; and incredible chef-style meals. Here are some more pictures:

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