Whom we serve

Whom we serve?

Our program is geared toward youth ages 14-19 from all around the world who are experiencing some difficulties which they are unable to resolve on their own. It is a co-ed program, with separated rooms and living areas for boys and girls. You best fit our program if you yourself are interested or willing to participate in Free Spirit Experience in Israel.

We believe in diversity, and will love to have you on board if you would like to do something about the difficulties you are experiencing. Given the long-distance nature of the journey to Israel as well as our “challenge by choice” philosophy, we can only accept those who are interested– who are looking to come to Israel for an exceptional experience with the added benefit of personal growth.

Here are a few examples of difficulties you may find some answer to in our program:

  • You are too frustrated with adults or peers in your environment, and they might be very frustrated with you in return
  • You are at lost with social interactions and can’t seem to figure out how to conduct yourself in a manner that is positive and allows you to achieve your goals
  • You feel depressed about life, your family or your social situation
  • You feel anxious in some or many situations to the extent that it interferes with your life
  • You are not sure what went wrong but people around you keep telling you something is wrong and you want to try and address that
  • Your school has “had it” with you and you feel like you have to do better, but not sure what or how
  • We’ll love to have you with us even if you are just looking for some progress but are not sure whether the difficulties you are experiencing are that serious!

If you are using drugs to some extent, please talk to us about it so we can figure how we can help as well. Leave us a note with some contact information and good times to contact you, and we’ll get back to you asap.

Ask about our 18-19 years old “Gap Year” and college prep program!